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How to Open the Bin Door

What You Need To Know


If the container is not loaded evenly, or loaded above the top of the container it CANNOT be picked up: the Customer will be responsible for ANY damage caused to any property should the container and or truck tip over.
If the container, has not been evenly loaded, and or level loaded the Customer will be responsible for unloading and reloading the container properly. The Customer is also responsible for the cost of any lost driver and equipment time or “recall” service to collect or deliver the container.
Recall, or non delivery service, or driver and equipment time, is billed at $75.00 per/hr with a one (1) hour minimum for driver time and equipment. Once the bin has been loaded correctly please call our friendly dispatch to schedule a pick up.


  • Late Fee’s will be charged at a rate of $15.00/day after the allotted time period has passed.
  • Move a bin to a different location on the same job site $75.00
  • For jobs outside city limits a (out of service area) surcharge will be added to your invoice after each billing cycle.
  • Appliances, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners (MUST BE EMPTY AND HAVE FREON REMOVED or an additional $100.00 per item surcharge will be added) All appliances must be loaded at the rear of the bin for unloading purposes.

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